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Identifying and prioritizing strategic factors affecting the position of Iranian handmade carpets in the world market (9257 Views)
Identification of Innovation Obstacles in the Design and Production of Isfahan hand-woven Carpets: Entrepreneur’s Approach (8607 Views)
A study on Paisley Motif in Iranian Carpet (8559 Views)
Extraction and dyeing of wool fibers with Walnut Shell using ultrasonic waves (8510 Views)
Pattern and Design in Amoo’oghli's Carpets (8464 Views)
Identify and analyze the factors affecting the carpet industry downturn in rural areas (Case Study: Turkmen carpets - Gonbad-e Qabus Township) (8402 Views)
The design and conceptual modeling triggers for Iranian hand-woven carpets based on holistic marketing approach using an interpretive structural modeling (ISM) (8074 Views)
Discourse in Safavid Rugs Garden (8031 Views)
The Discourse of Archaism in Persian Pictorial Rugs during Qajar Era (7866 Views)
Symbolic expression of numbers in carpet (7747 Views)
Analysis of Design and Pattern of Contemporary Village Carpets of Ahar (7681 Views)
Status and Measure of the Effects of Carpet Design as an Academic Discipline on Economic Improvement of Iranian Carpet in the Contemporary Period (7585 Views)
The purpose of this paper is examines the domestic consumer behavior (7578 Views)
A sociological explanation of the evolution or the stability in Iran's contemporary carpet designing system (7558 Views)
A Study on the Influence of Natural Elements on the Motifs of City of Jiroft`s Carpet (kilim) (7546 Views)
Comparison Study of the Role of Politics in Iran’s and Occupied Palestine Territories’ Art in Two Recent Centuries (Case Study: Jewish Rugs) (7435 Views)
Manifestation of Ideal and Sacred Place among the Elements of Persian Carpet With an Emphasize on the Presence of Kang Dej in Motifs of Persian Carpet Using Symbolistic and Mythological Approach (7368 Views)
A View on the Design of Niche Prayer Rug (Saff) in Islamic carpet weaving (7176 Views)
Feasibility of Anti-staining and Hydrophobicity Process for Silk Carpet Using Silicone Composition (7165 Views)
Identifying and Classifying the Enablers of Hand-woven Carpet Industry's Supply Chain Performance (7136 Views)
Improving light fastness of Reseda Luteola natural dyed wool with antioxidants and UV absorbent (7099 Views)
Comparative survey of the design patterns of garden carpet and Iranian gardens in Safavid and Qajar period (7071 Views)
Formal Structure of Designs and Motifs in Genuine Kurdish Rugs in Razavi and Northern Khorasan Provinces (7037 Views)
Factors Effective on Diversity of Isfahan Hand-knotted Carpet (7031 Views)
Rural Carpet Weavers’ Access to Silk Carpet Designs: A Case Study in the Zanjan Township (6929 Views)
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Studying Graphic Capacities of Northern Khorasan Hand-weavings' Designs (25533 Downloads)
Patterns and Motifs of Qajar Carpets in the Carpet Museum of Iran (10219 Downloads)
A Study on the Symbolic Significance of Medallion in Persian Carpet (9404 Downloads)
The Sun Symbol of “Swastika” in Qashqa’i Carpets (8010 Downloads)
Formal Structure of Designs and Motifs in Genuine Kurdish Rugs in Razavi and Northern Khorasan Provinces (7537 Downloads)
Various Forms of “Life Tree” on Persian Carpets (7475 Downloads)
Identity of Fish in Iranian Carpet (7172 Downloads)
"Bird" Motif in "Kheshti" Design Pattern Carpets of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari (7127 Downloads)
A study of Motifs of Bakhtiarian Textiles (6808 Downloads)
The Image and Concept of Talking Tree on Handmade Carpets (6724 Downloads)
Pattern Codes of Prayer Rugs and Mihrab Carpets of Islamic Era in Iran (6686 Downloads)
Safavid Carpet from Viewpoint of Innovation in Design and Pattern (6625 Downloads)
Manifestation of “Catch & Take” Motifs in Safavid Carpets (6100 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Motifs of the First-century Carpets of the Safavid Era with the Painting in the Same Period Case Study: Comparison of two Certain Carpets (5934 Downloads)
A Study of the Mythological Phenomena of Sun and Mehr in the Persian Hand-Made Carpet (5631 Downloads)
Symbolic expression of numbers in carpet (5299 Downloads)
Determining the Role of Brand Attachment to make customer Commitment and Loyality: Case Study of Art- Carpet Iran Industry (5175 Downloads)
A Study of “Weeping Willow” Motif, in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari’s Kheshti Carpet (5153 Downloads)
The Process of Derivation of Designs and Patterns on Handmade Carpets on the basis of Ethno-archaeological Studies, Case Study: Sistan Region (5101 Downloads)
The Role of Computer in Designing Carpets (Throughout the Past Three Decades) (4937 Downloads)
Studying the Changes of "Tiny Fish" Carpets in Birjand during Recent Decades (4870 Downloads)
An analysis of Pattern and Border Frame in Afshar Carpets With Georg Simmel's Approach & Reflection Theory (4860 Downloads)
Providing an Appropriate Template for Determining the Cost in Carpet Industry (Hand-knitted Carpets) (4839 Downloads)
تکثیر مکانیکی اثر هنری در عصر قاجار و تاثیر آن بر فرش ایران (4680 Downloads)
the Angel Pattern on Persian Carpets (4655 Downloads)
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