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Aims and scope
Goljaam is a quarterly journal  of handwoen carpets and related fields. The Editorial board of the journal tries to establish a forum for exchange of research findings in the core area or the profession, As well as newly emerging areas and outlooks in the evolving field. It is a peer-reviewed journal, accepting contributions in the following areas:
  • Drawing and Design Color Scheme Dyeing
  • Weaving Repairing Materials
  • Economics and Commerce Management
  • History and Culture Sociology and Anthropology

All research and analytical papers, reviews of specialized books, and articles covering the hand woven carpet and related fields will be published after being reviewed and accepted by the editorial  board.
Goljaam quarterly journal is acknowledged as a scientific journal via certificate No. 3.2910.1358 dated March, 7, 2005 issued by the Committee of Evaluation of Scientific Journals, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Islamic Republic of Iran.
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